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To use a Greek travel agent for hotel bookings or not?

The replies to my last post ( about whether I was booking too early for June 2020), got me thinking. One traveler used a Greek travel agent to book all her hotels and ferries. I am considering this. I live in Canada so all correspondence would have to be done via email.

Has anyone else used a Greek travel agency? And if you have, which one? Thanks so much.

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Fantasy Travel and Dolphin-Hellas Travel have been reliable Greek agencies for many years. If you need someone to make your bookings these are the two I'd recommend. It's best to use someone in Greece in case of any unforseen problems that arise. They'll just be a phone call away to make things right for you.

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Used Fantasy for a guided tour, booked it from Canada, had to make a change and all was handled very efficiently and confirmed by email. The tour was good and I would not hesitate to use them again.

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We used an agent in Athens who has retired but she recommended Fantasy Travels for future trips. Every hotel we stayed in was happily aware that we had a local to book. The agent called every hotel to make sure we had arrived and that everything was fine.
We used an agent because when we first went to Greece we had to put non refundable deposits on some of hotels without being to see ferry schedules for our dates.
We never use agents anywhere else but would do it in Greece again.

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Yes Fantasy Travel and Dolphin Hellas are overwhelmingly the most recommended travel agents on this and several other forums.
We used Dolphin Hellas several times when we began our Greek travel. They got us a room during the International Song Competition when there were simply no rooms available in Athens. They thoughtfully booked on spec, a whole floor of rooms in a good hotel, months before the competition so they would have rooms for their clients. Dolphin Hellas also got us a private driver at 3 am during a taxi strike in Athens. Can certainly recommend them.