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tipping private guides

I have signed up for a self-employed private guide for our group in Athens. She charges 60 euros per hour, which I believe is reasonable and adequate. is a tip expected or necessary?

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I hired a private guide in Athens for 4 hours and did not tip. It did seem in retrospect that he had expected that I would. I say this because I had tried to pay him the balance due before we started and he made a comment about not paying before taking the tour. Later I thought that was a suggestion that I would give him more than we had agreed upon.

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I don't feel it's necessary to give a tip to a private guide. I feel if the guide was exceptional I will give a complimentary review on trip advisor or the RS Travel Forum.

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I agree it's useful to give good reviews to private guides that you've liked ... and even more useful to those who read, if you'll just mention the fees also. It's frustrating to moderate-budget travelers who read people's praises for day-long or overnight+ guide services, driver & car, but no indication of the price tag. Monty did it right; I urge others to do so in future, it's thoughtful.

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Hi Monty. We are headed to Athens in two weeks and are looking for a guide for 2-3 hours to walk us through the Acropolis and surrounding sites. I know it is possible to do research beforehand but my party of 13 will not be inclined to do so. May I ask who you booked? I sent a message to a guide and haven't heard back yet, it would be nice to have another option. Thank you.

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For Janet, my guide's rate is 60 euros an hour. also has licensed guide, who may charge less.