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Tipping of tour guide

We will be taking two guided hikes and a tour while in Greece. What is the acceptable amount of tip per person for a full day tour and a tour of 3 hours.
Thank you

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Open to great argument and discussion. If I like the tour and the guide I will tip about 10%. I do feel that tips show some appreciation for a job well done.

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At our most recent 3 hour guided tour in Athens, we tipped 20% as a couple.
Amazing tour.

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Thanks for the feedback. I know what I would do in the States. There will be 10 of us. Do we go with 20% of the bill? 30 euros as a tip for a tour?

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You probably are not expected to give a tip if you have already paid for your tour. If your guided tour is “free”, give at least €15-€20 per person for the three hour tour. If the guide holds out an empty hat and says any money you want to give would be appreciated, or if he does any sort of tip-gathering requests and guestures, but you have already paid for his time, give just €1.00 tip per person. If you have already paid but there are no tip requests, don’t offer any tips.