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tipping in greece

Advice on tipping in greece:
taxis: do you and how much
restaurants: how much
hotels maids: how much
city tours: do you and how much

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Tipping is not customary in Greece.
There's no need to tip taxi drivers.
At restaurants you can round up to the nearest Euro or leave a small tip if the service was exceptional.
Hotel maids... I usually leave one or two € for them each day, but again not necessary.
I didn't take any city tours, so not sure if tipping is recommended.

Have a wonderful trip!

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tavernas include the gratuity in the price. We too add a euro or two if the service was good.

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Tipping not being customary is also what we heard, but in most restaurants in Athens, Meteora and Crete if you pay by Credit Card, the slip does come with a tip to be added box, just like in the US, even though service charge is included. In a few cases the waiter also made it clear that a tip was expected.

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I agree that generally tipping is not needed, rounding up is typical, and it avoids making change, whether at a taxi or restaurant. Hotel Maids? I do not recall ever leaving a tip, in Greece, elsewhere in Europe, Mexico, or even in the US.

For tour guides, you are obviously a tourist at that point and many expect a tip, though again, not mandatory, a euro or two would be fine.

It is true though that if you eat in the more touristed places, the staff may expect or even hustle you for a tip. A parallel example recently was in Berlin, bill came, all in German, except for the phrase "Service Not Included" in English, and circled in ink by the waiter. I am sure that the locals tipped as I did (if they tipped) by rounding up, maybe an extra euro or two...though I am sure the waiter would have loved me leaving 10 to 20%. Not being mean, just not being played.