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Timed tickets for Acropolis

I plan to purchase tickets for the Acropolis ahead of our visit. I see the tickets are now timed. Does anyone have experience or advice on how this works?

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Did you mean the Acropolis in Athens? If so, you should probably post this on the Greece forum.

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I was there two weeks ago, they weren't timed. We bought ours online and lined up just before opening. The line was down the street but it went fast. We entered at the gate near the Acropolis Museum, incidentally. I have heard that line can be shorter, although we used that entrance because our hotel was a block away.

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When is your visit? The time slots are not being enforced yet. Apparently that will be changing in September I was there on Saturday and went 2 hours early from the time slot on my ticket. The guy at the gate didn't even look at it.

I think the whole afternoon closures thing during the heatwaves in July derailed their plans to put the new policy into effect earlier

We entered at the gate near the Acropolis Museum

The gate at the south slopes is definitely the way to go imo. That way you get to see the Theater of Dionysus, the Asclepion etc on the way up

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I recommend you try to book entry to the Acropolis for the first group of the day so you won't be overrun by crowds. Even with timed tickets the afternoon will be more crowded, not to mention hot.

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We just returned, booked tickets online for 9:00 am, lots of people already, but since we had our tickets we didn't have to wait in line. I didn't find it anything different than any other entry attraction. They let lots of people in a the same time.