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Time to allocate for Acropolis/Agora?

We're outlining our itinerary for Athens on Sat-Sun Sept 27-28.
We're planning to visit the Acropolis and Agora and associated museums on that Sunday - starting first thing in the morning.

Question - is that a full day already or should we go ahead and start looking for other things to do in the afternoon/early evening?
We do expect to view in detail and not just breeze through everything.


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I'd probably allocate 3-4 hours for the Acropolis and Agora. It would probably be prudent to do that in the morning when it's a bit cooler. After that stop for a brief lunch (there are cafes just outside the Agora exit) and then continue to the Archeological Museum for the afternoon when it's warmer.

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It's obviously a matter of personal taste, but Ken is about right I think. I'd go at the top of his range though.

The museum in the Agora is one of my personal favourites so I'd allow a bit of time for that.

Also, a lot of people miss out the north side of the Acropolis which has only been opened up in the last couple of years. I think it's well worth a visit.


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It sounds like a pretty full day to me, especially if you take your time.

I assume that when you say "associated museums," you mean the Acropolis Museum and Agora Museum. I haven't been in the Agora Museum but the Acropolis Museum is fantastic and would take a couple of hours itself. They have a nice café too with views back up to the Acropolis. And don't underestimate the time for just walking around outside the Acropolis. Those are some of the best views.

The Archeological Museum that Ken mentions is not associated with either site and is remote from them. But while in need of significant interior renovations, it is an excellent museum worth at least a couple of hours. But to avoid museum fatigue, you really should plan that for another day.

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I was in Greece and Athens in May and June of this year. I visited the places you list. It took us two days to see those places and we are not addicted to museums or ruins. Just lots of traveling around.

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We were there about a year ago and did both plus lunch in the Plaka. We would plan on spending most of the day even on a return trip. There is also the Roman Agora that is in a close by but different location. TC

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I agree with the advice on this thread. It can be a full day. Fortunately the sites are not that far from each other.

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Thanks everyone for the information - it was really helpful