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Tickets for Acropolis and other sights for Sunday, Nov 5th

Rick Steves book says that Acropolis tickets (Includes some other sites) are 10 euro starting in November (normally 20) AND says the first Sunday of every month is free. He seemed to advise buying tickets from a separate vendor in advance to the avoid the lines.

I will be in Athens on Sunday, November 5th for one day. I was planning to buy a ticket elsewhere. However, if the tickets are free, i obiously don't need to buy it. However, what attractions are actually free and what ones will i need to stand in line for?

I plan to do the following:

on the RS Athens walk: Arch of Hadrian and temple of Olympian zeus, Roman Forum,
Ancient Agora Walk
Acropolis Museum

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Check out this website for info on costs.

and here:

The multi-pass ticket, normally 30 euros gives you access to the Acropolis, the Agora, Kerimikos Cemetery, Hadrian's Library, Roman Forum and Temple to Zeus. Hadrian's Arch, next to Temple to Zeus is right there on the street and free. Even if you pay the full price it's worth it for what you are seeing. On the other hand every Euro the Greek Government can get helps the Greek Economy.

Just show up at 8 a.m. at the Acropolis to buy the ticket. That's the best time to avoid tour groups and tourists, even for November.

The Acropolis Museum cost is in addition to the multi-pass ticket.