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Thoughts on Airport travel to and from

So I will be arriving in Athens at 2030 (830p) on 5/1 and then leaving on 5/5 at 805a and I need a couple opinions. I am going to take a taxi probably one of the trips from the airport and I am wondering if any one has an opinion on which trip. I am going back and forth because I worry about being tired after my flight from Paros to Athens but I know I will be tired for my flight from Athens to London on the 5th because I have to get up around 515a and get to the bus and get to the airport.

Anyone have any thoughts about what you would do? I would really prefer to only do one taxi trip so I can save some money to use elsewhere. Would the bus be busy at either of those times? Or less busy at one time or another?

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I can't imagine why you'd be tired after a flight from Paros to Athens. That flight only takes 40 minutes. Save your money for the morning taxi back to the airport. Or if you know where your hotel is take the airport express bus X96 into Central Athens for €6. Ticke kiosk is outside Door 5 on the arrivals level. You can also take the Airport Blue Line Metro to Syntagma Square or Monastiraki Square for €8.

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I had kinda thought that. I think I will take the express bus, that is what I was planning for whichever trip I did by bus. It is about a 20 minute walk to my hotel, so I could always get a taxi from the drop off point to my hotel as it shouldn't be too much.

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Another option would be the Metro which has more stops to Central Athens. It's right across the street from the entrance to the airport. Climb up some stairs, take the walkway to the ticket office, buy your ticket, go downstairs and wait for the Metro. It's about 45 minutes to Central Athens. It all depends on where you are staying in Athens. The Bus is the least expensive but the Metro may provide more options and maybe less time to walk from the Metro Station to your accommodation.

A taxi from the Airport to and from Central Athens is around 38 euros and a lot more off-hours time (55 euros?)

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Hey WHOA - on May 1, Labor Day (everywhere in the world except USA!) is the holiday when NO public transport runs ... so you will need to take private transport (taxi) on arrival. There is no Uber alternative; Greek govt. banned Uber last week, unless there is a change before May. Since there will be a HUGE demand for taxis, You would be prudent to use a car service. Be aware that rates can vary widely, & why pay more? A recent RS thread recommended this one that charges same flat rate as taxi!

"used Welcome Pickups in Athens last year. Excellent service, met at arrivals, driver spoke excellent English, welcome bottle of cold water, beautifully clean and new car (and drivers don’t smoke in the car!) and delivered right to my hotel in Plaka. Also used them to return to airport at end of trip; cost was €38 each way paid in advance before I left home."

Something to keep in mind when returning to Airport before dawn:
Taxi flat rates are Day €38 from 6 am - 12 midnight, night rate about 60+% more, from midnight - 6. I believe the rate is charged by the time you ARRIVE at a destination. If you had a taxi pick-up at 5:30 am, you probably would arrive at 6:15 am & get the day rate. The X95 Bus at Syntagma (€6; €3 seniors) runs 24/7. If you are 20 minutes away, and are in a good neighborhood (NOT near Omonium) you can very well walk to it. Staying around the SOUTH side of Acropolis (by the pedestrianized walkway), I have done it pre-dawn, rolling my luggage up Amalias Avenue, the very busy 6-lane thoroughfare at eastern border of Plaka. Even at 4 am, there was steady traffic, and people leaving clubs (athenians are Night Owls!).