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Thessaloniki for 6 days - what to do and what book to look in!

Good day y'all! I will be in Thessaloniki for 6 days, volunteering with a refugee camp (this is a stopover in the middle of a Serbia to Naples trip to see friends). I will have my mornings mostly free, so am looking for ideas on what to do. I cannot find where Thessaloniki is covered in any of Rick's books, and I've never done Europe without him!

Can anyone help?



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Rick does not cover Thessaloniki in his books. If you do a search, you'll find some old threads about it. To search on a desktop computer, look for the magnifying glass to the right of the dark blue "Rick Steves Europe" near the top of the page. To search on a tablet or phone, click on the horizontal lines at the top left; search is on top, over "About Rick."

Here's what I got when I put "Thessaloniki" into the search window and restricted results to Forums:

Here's one of the more recent threads (well, less ancient anyway - it's from 2015) with some tips that may be useful for you:

Laura, one of Rick's staff, has been to Thessaloniki. If she doesn't respond to this thread, send her a private message using the link at the bottom of this page:

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Lonely Planet would be a good start, I also like Let's Go guides for Greece.

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Thanks everyone! It's a wonderful group of information to start with! I'm disappointed to not have a section of Rick's book broken out for the 'must-see's' and the 'budget hotel options' but I will make do :)