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The Markets in Athens

Hello, we are spending one day in Athens. Other than going to Acropolis, the Acropolis museum, and possibly the Temple of Zeus, we are looking for other things to check out. I am definitely curious about the Markets, such as the Central market, because it seems like a great way to see what a day in the life of local Athens is. Does any one have any experiences or opinions on the markets in Athens they would like to share? Are they worth checking out? If so, which one is best? Thanks,


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We just took a great personal tour for 3 hours in Athens. It was $25 for adult and $10 for child/teen and it was so well worth it. She took us through the markets, showed us unmarked restaurants that were supposed to be fabulous, took us to the oldest olive producer's store, and all around. It was near Monastiraki - there were fish markets, meat market, vegetable markets, tons of olives, oils & nuts. At the Parliament building, the guards change every hour and that's fun to watch. On Sunday, there is a bigger show with the changing of the guards and the whole group marching. We also went to the first Olympic stadium which was nice to see. Plaka and Monastiraki are both great to walk around. We toured through Pysri neighborhood which has incdredible graffiti art on the buildings and is a neighborhood gaining popularity.

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The Central Markets on Athinas St. are worth spending some time. You'll be right in there with locals and taverna owners who shop for their daily food and what to serve in the restaurants.

The Meat/Seafood section is on one side of the street and if you are squeamish about meat then you may want to avoid that section but it's still worth going to and seeing something that you'll never see in the US or most other Western countries. I won't be too descriptive of what you'll see but it won't be going to your local supermarket and being nicely wrapped meats in styrofoam containers!

The seafood section is really special with lots of seafood you'll never know existed.

Just a hint about the seafood/meat area . . . don't wear sandals.

Across the street is the produce section which may be more appealing to most people. A wonderful selection of veggies, fruits, dairy, with a number of small shops selling prepared foods, baked goods and lots more.

In addition there are numerous street vendors in front of the meat/seafood area selling dried fruits, nuts, herbs, spices and other goodies.

In and around the Central Markets are numerous small, locally owned specialty shops that are amazing.

It's not really a tourist destination but that may be the best thing about it . . . you'll be dealing with locals rather than pushy and shoving tourists!

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When is the best time to visit the seafood/meat markets? Would mid morning be too late?

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The morning would be the busiest to visit the Markets but later in the day, especially later afternoon will be a lot quieter and not as hectic. However, if you want the wild & crazy aspect of the Central Markets then morning would be it. If you are there just to experience it without buying anything then later in the day will be fine. A lot less hectic, wild and crazy, but that's all part of the fun of going in the morning.

I've' gone morning, afternoon and late afternoon and all times were fun but if you want a little sanity then late afternoon.

The produce markets are a lot less hectic and more tranquil any time of the day.

The whole area is filled with shops, markets, tavernas, delis, cheese, baked goods, herbs, spices, locally owned and specialty shops on and off the main street.

It's quite an experience to explore the whole area to get an idea of where locals shop and what's available. Depending on restrictions for return flights and customers you can buy a lot but make sure you check with what's allowed to bring back home!

Just bring a camera/camcorder to take all kinds of photos/videos that you'll look at over and over once you get back home.