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The Feast of St. Mary in Northern Greece August 15th, 2023 (Panagaria) and then Meteora

I will be in Northern Greece in the Florina region for several days this August. As I will be there August 15th, I hope to experience a location with traditional celebrations on this major Greek holiday. I have read that a couple of mountain villages in the Zagori/Ionnina area-Vitsa and Tsepelovo in particular, are good choices for Dekapentavgoustos, The Feast of St. Mary. I hadn't planned to rent a car and instead use trains and the KTEL bus system where possible. My next stop will be Meteora for the night and to split the monastery tour between two days (afternoon and sunset day one), morning and two main monasteries the following morning.
I chose Zagora area for Aug 15th, because it is within a few hours of Florina and seems connected by a couple of main roads to the south.
There are celebrations all over Greece but I need to be attending something in the North central area as I will move on to Kalabaka/Kastraki the next day and end up in Thessaloniki afterwards. Has anyone observed this holiday in the area(s) I'm considering?
I am particularly looking for one with lots of traditional music/dancing/food along with the religious ceremonies.

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