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The christian sites of greece

Want to tour the chrisitian historical sites in september2015. Ideas hints? Where to start. Will want to scoot to italy and do amalfi coast

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You say Christian sites of Greece. There are numerous sites associated with the Apostle Paul, around the Mediterranean but not in Greece.
Those in or near Greece, looking at the Paul's Letters in the New Testament, would include:
Athens (Acts 17)

There are numerous other areas of interest that are associated with the Apostle, but that gets into the question of exactly what geographical area(s) you're traveling to.
Just a few more areas between Israel and Rome (in addition to those already mentioned) would be Cyprus, Ephesus, and Antioch.

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Where you start, carolyn, is where all of us start these days, whether shopping for shoes or for ancient sites -- GOOGLE. I just now put in the phrase "Tours of Christian Sites in Greece" -- and up popped at least a DOZEN well-known tour companies offering travels to the best-known sites from Scripture. Here's just one -- -- that apparently has been in business over 25 years. I am not saying you should take a group tour necessarily, but these descriptions and site lists will show you what others consider the most significant sites. One advantage of a tour is that the guides will be equipped to tell you the specific Christian significance of the ancient sites which would not be the case for other tours of ancient sites. Google, compare coverage, comparison-shop for coverage vs. D-I-Y... and you're on your way!

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"Will want to scoot to italy and do amalfi coast"

Be aware that "scooting" from Greece to the Amalfi Coast is not cheap, easy or fast. You will either take several days by boats and trains, or fly with at least one connection. I don't know about Greece, but to get from Naples airport to the Amalfi Coast you will need buses and trains, or a private limo transfer. Investigate all of this early in your trip planning, so you're prepared and can allot the necessary time and money. One place to start is Rome2Rio:

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Harold, good post. I'm always impressed when people say something like they will just scoot from point A to B in Europe. Yeah, right, good luck.