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Testing upon arrival?

Hello all,
I know mostly Americans visit this board, but for EU-based tourists and others allowed to visit Greece at the moment, what has been your experience entering the country? I know you must fill out some form, etc but has there been any testing upon your arrival by air? Would be interested to hear your experiences - currently the information is pretty unclear whether they test upon arrival at the airport or not.

Thank you for any responses :)

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You may get more responses or insight from TripAdvisor.

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Great, thanks for the info.
From my self-research from various sources (in case anyone else wanted to know): It seems that you fill out a form about where you live, where you've recently been and where you're going in Greece and submit the form. Based on the information in the form, they will either direct you to a test or just send you on your way.

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We are Austrian residents (US citizens) and just spent a week in Greece (returned Tuesday night). You must complete a Greek government form online prior to departure. When we landed in Santorini, about 10% of the passengers on our flight were selected for a swab test. We were not selected. While in Greece we met two American families Who live in Europe like us. Both families were selected for testing upon arrival.

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Hi Cynthia,

Canada is in the yellow category for EU travel meaning we can visit-- yeah! We are travelling to Greece in October and have read on the Greek Government website that everyone is to fill out a form and then you are asked to press a button which randomly choses people to be pulled over for testing. If you don't get the "test" result you go through immigration and pick up your bags and you are good to go. If you get pulled over to be tested it is done quickly.

That was the process the third week of July, it changes-- ie in June they were putting people up during the short quarantine period they requested. I would advise checking weekly at a minimum for entrance requirements. For eg. we had thought of going to Bermuda then we found out that we had to take our temperatures twice a day (!!) and report the results to the Health Ministry-- GREAT vacation to get away from all this ridiculous over reaction (I am in the medical field).

There are also websites which summarize the entrance procedures. Best is to check regularly.