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Taxi in Naplion - Insight from someone who has "traveled the road before"

We will be in Naplio in October and need to get around the Naplion/Argos area (with maybe a side trip to the canal in Corinth).

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to engage a taxi for the day? How do you find drivers who could "semi-double" as a guide? And find one who speaks english?


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Are you staying at a hotel?? Ask the Hotelier!! I've been to Nafplio many times, and have rented a car there, and also used taxis. It is a good bet that the hotel owner or manager will even have a cousin, or an uncle who drives, and can vouch for his English. Do be aware that someone can be knowledgeable about the area, and point out landmarks, and take you efficiently to Mycenae, Turins, Epidaurus, and even to overlooked spots like Asine. However, only LICENSED guides are allowed to accompany you into a museum or onto an ancient site. This rule is strictly enforced.

You can of course "google" private driver Nafplio area and see who's offering services. Don't expect them to be cheap. Think about it; to get to Mycenae & Epidaurus & Corinth will take a loooong day (i would not try all 3 in one day -- look at a map) ... and then consider what a taxi may earn in a day picking up a number of fares. I'll bet a minimum of €300 + gas... but that's just a guess.

In either case, don't wait til you get there... if you're booked in a hotel e-mail them at once, and get their recommendation & price, then you can compare with internet pricing. If you want good advice don't be vague -- be specific about WHAT days, & how long each day, and desired stops.

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There also are travel agencies in Napflion whom you could ask.

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We just returned from Nafplio. We were speaking to the very useful front desk about visiting Mycenae and Epidaurus and another guest overheard us and asked it we would like to share a taxi with them. The front desk said she has an honest good guy and it was arranged for 100 Euros for 5 hours and two couples (we tipped him 10 Euros). His English was good and his Mercedes was nice. He patiently waited at the sites. We were at Mycenae and the Tomb for 2 1/2 hours and a quick visit to Epidaurus to see the theatre. The other couple also used him to taxi back to Athens and he was charging them 120 Euros. Great day

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Lucky you, Karen! And useful info about the going price. Once upon a time, long ago ('99), on my First trip to Nafplio, the local travel agencies offered a 1-day tour of Mycenae & Epidaurus ... I can't remember if it included a licensed guide, it must have, because I remember standing around the circle graves while someone explained. There was lunch in between (which each paid for). Howevver, it was not expensive, and VERY useful... since local bus schedules are not set up so that one can do both in a day ... typically there is a bus to Mycenae at 9 am or so, th en back at 1pm ... but then you cannot get a bus to Epidaurus in the afternoon (local busses are mainly set up for locals, to get them to work & back).

Alas, that day appears to be gone. Each time I'm in Nafplio, I stop in at agencies and the answer is the same: when a (small) cruise ship stops in Nafplio (infrequently) those on board have their own licensed guide & tour... and many people also come from Athens on a 1-2 day bus tour, which has its own guide. Thus the agencies say, not enough demand to offer a regular tour. Personally, I think if it were marked smartly there could be a regular demnd for at least 2-3 per week, judging from the constant plea by independent travelers for this service. IMHO, the local govt's lack of interest in tourism services is the root cause.

Therefore Kardell, aimed with knowledge of the price, perhaps u could write your hotelier & they might fix you up with another hotel guest!!! Good luck!