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Taking ferry or flying from Athens to Lesvos

Thank you for all the past great advice We are travelling to Athens on Oct 23rd and 4 days later we hope to travel to Lesvos. I understand many recommend flying as it is a short flight but has anyone ever taken a ferry to Lesvos? The airfare from Athens to Mytilene has increased and is rather pricy for 1 hr.

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The flight ATH → Mytilene at the end of October currently costs:

With 8 kg cabin baggage:

Aegean €77 - Sky Express €67

With 23kg of checked baggage:

Aegean €96 - Sky Express: €99

These are not expensive prices for domestic flights in Greece.

The ferry from Piraeus → Lesvos will cost you a little less, around €43 in economy, but since the crossing takes at least 12 hours overnight, if you take a whole cabin it will cost you around €170 for 2 passengers.

If the price is a concern, you can add the cost of meals and drinks taken on the ferry

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Thank you so much for the flight information. We are 2 adults and my son travelling! Any tips are so appreciated. Do we have to be at the Athens airport 2 hrs early for a domestic flight?

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Budget is always a factor when traveling.

However, one has to take into account the time involved.

A ferry while less expensive will take far longer to get to Lesvos.

A flight is less than 1 hour.

On holiday time is money. The longer you take to get somewhere the less time you have at a destination.

I flew from Athens to Lesvos and for me it was worth the extra cost.

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The minimum check in time for domestic flights is 40 minutes before flight time.

Allow at least 1 hour or 1 hour 15 minutes with luggage to check-in.

With both companies Aegean/Olympic and Sky Express you can get your boarding pass online 48 hours before flight departure.

Both have downloadable apps.