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Swift Car rental in Athens

Has anyone on this forum used Swift Car rental in Athens? Were you happy with them and their cars? Thanks in advance for your response!

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I have not used them, but I'm familiar with their main "sales feature" for people who need to leave town from central athens and don't want to deal with the traffic. Swift advertises that they will pick u up at your hotel and drive you to the on-ramp for the big highway out of town (I gather this is done by sending 2 cars, one to pick up the driver after you take over the rental car). I have recommended Swift for that feature a number of times, and have not had adverse comment. I have seen it mentioned in a number of trip reports, with no adverse comment. I would suggest you go to Trip Advisor Greece forum, go to the ATHENS section, and in the query slot put "Swift Car Agency" and see what pops up.

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I used them several years ago. The car was good and they are very friendly and helpful.

We used their downtown location as we were staying downtown. They did not drive us out of town but gave us the directions. I suppose if we had insisted, they might have. Getting out of town was very easy though and while nervewracking, we had no problems.

We also had to drive back into town which was more difficult due to traffic and wayfinding. But again, we had no problems.

I would use them again but would prefer to rent from the airport and avoid driving in Athens proper.

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If you live in No. America be sure to go to your local AAA/CAA office to pick up an International Driving Permit, no test or membership required. Bring 2 passport photos to save a few dollars. If you live elsewhere outside the EU you still need the IDP, and you'll have to find out where to get it.