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how much do sunbeds and umbrellas run in Mykonos. I understand that every beach is different but we would like to visit most of them. we will be near Ornos, but for sure want to visit Paradise and Super Paradise beaches, and anything else that you might think of. if you don't rent a sunbed can you place your own towel on the sand and use the beach? Thoughts? It will be for 3 adults and 2 kids.

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You can use your towel or buy a straw mat. I have no idea what a sun bed rental might be on Mykonos. I have heard a report of massive price gouging though.

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Roughly 20 euros for an umbrella and 2 lounge chairs for the day, but this varies considerably by location. Some places also have a minimum order if part of a business.

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It’s been a long time (15 years?) since we visited Mykonos, so things may have changed, but Paradise was a “party beach” with loud blaring music. And Super Paradise was a nude beach. You may want to stick with Ormos.

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In August 2017, it was anywhere from 15 to 80 euros for two sunbeds + one umbrella, depending on the beach. Each beach has a 'free' area to put your towel/umbrella/chairs down, but most people need shade in August. (You can bring your own umbrella, but windy days will make it difficult.) . Paradise is not appropriate for families with younger children, and the beach itself is not great (stones in the sand). Super Paradise is physically the most beautiful on the island, but it gets crowded; you'll want to get there before noon. The loungers on the Jackie O side are 80 euros and higher, which of course is ridiculous. Again, the best beaches for kids are Agios Stephanos, Agios Ioannis, and maybe Elia. Agrari is also good, though it has a steep drop-off. These beaches will be 15-20 euros per sunbed set.

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At Paranga beach last sept we paid 60 euros for a very nice set up of two loungers ( padded ) under a wooden structure ( sorry lost for what one calls them ) that had gauzy curtains that roll down on either sides and a built in table in middle , would be easy to share as a family .
We also paid 20 euros each for two less comfy loungers under a small umbrella .

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On Naxos, you can get a hotel room on a beach, for what you pay for 2 sunbeds on Mykonos. I remember my first "sticker shock" on Mykonos about 12 years ... it was back when you needed to go to Internet Cafes to check e-mail. I'd been paying about €2 for an hour of internet use on Paros & Naxos ... I used a computer at a Mykonos Internet place for 15 minutes and paid €20 (!!!).