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The article names nightclub owners and medical practitioners as the kind of people the government wants to crack down on .... but every time a newspaper or broadcast brings up the REAL tax cheats -- the super-rich Greeks, fleet owners, major shareholders of giant corporations, major exporters, the "1%" of any country that always lives well (and those in Greece have been sending their €€€€ to Switzerland forever) ... then the government falls silent.

Many of the Greeks I know pay taxes faithfully and THROUGH the NOSE... People such as a Gymnasium (High School) department head who had his salary cut 25% in one year, and a govt. worker, head of the water department for a whole island, worked 40 years and at age 64 was told his pension was cut to less than €400 per month ... and the small hoteliers (8-12 rooms) who no longer can have helpers, but must clean all the rooms themselves ... and the owners of small tavernas who do the cooking, table-waiting and their kids sweep the floors. I for one am not going to rat on a taverna owner like that if he hands me a written bill instead of a tax-recorded bill. When the Govt roots out the corruption in its OWN ranks, that's when the revenue will increase.