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Thanks, Alan. When I finally get to planning that trip, I will be looking for islands that aren’t Santorini.

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Thanks Alan, we are dreaming of Greece! We did the RS tour Athens & The Heart Of Greece and loved it. We only went to one island, Hydra. We are thinking of Crete, Naxos for our next visit. Where do you recommend?

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It's like having dessert, just looking at the pictures!

I stayed 4 or 5 nights on Aegina, in late September or early October many (many) years ago. We practically had the beach to ourselves and the memories of that sand and sea are my happy place.... I've been back there, in my mind, many (many) times over the years.

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Tammy - Crete is great and a trip in itself. Our favourite area is on the northern coast, around Chania and Rethymnon: two pretty little towns and good stretches of beach. We’ve stayed several times in Georgioupolis which is half way between the two. There are regular local buses into both towns.

It’s a long time since we’ve been to Naxos but I know other people here like it, and they are probably better able to comment than me.

As always it depends what you are looking for. As I mentioned in the original post we really like Andros: Chora, the main town, is beautiful, there is good walking, it has two excellent quiet beaches and very few tourists. It’s an old fashioned Greek style that suits us.

We had a trip there booked last May which we obviously had to cancel but we are counting the days until we can get back!

Have a great trip.


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There are many islands to recommend and the mainland should not be overlooked.

These are three of my favorite islands:

Amorgos (
Chios (
Tinos (

Others I've been to and can recommend:

Astypalea (

For a change of pace from the Big Name Islands check out Ikaria (

The mainland of the Peloponnese is a wonderful and often overlooked part of Greece. A bit different from the islands but still very Greek!

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Tommyk5: With the new restrictions being lifted, these are the only airports that will be open to international tourists for the time being: Athens, Thessaloniki, Heraklion, Chania, Rhodes, Kos, Mykonos, Santorini and Corfu. Given that, which island do you recommend for a family vacation for a week (we've already been to Crete and Santorini and are wary of the party-island reputation of Mykonos)?