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Snorkeling Day trips from Athens

I'm traveling alone, will be based in Athens for 4 days in mid-September, and would like to take two snorkeling day trips to nearby island(s). I'm concerned about where to keep my phone and other valuables while I'm underwater.

Do snorkeling equipment rental places have secure lockers for rent? I'm not so much worried about money and keys as my phone.
Would going with a tour instead of on my own ensure I could leave (particularly) my phone safely on the boat? (And if so, do you know any good tours for snorkeling?)
What islands would be the best to go to, given I'm staying in Athens and don't want to spend all day on a ferry?
Thanks for any advice!

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We bought a little dry bag for the phone and took it along. I can't vouch for the quality of the pictures taken while in the bag, as we bought it for kayaking and didn't use it because the guides on the trip were taking a lot of pictures that they gave to us. The bag did keep the camera dry. The guides also provided larger dry bags for each kayak that we secured to the kayak. This is obviously just a sample of one.

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BTW we booked both a kayak trip and a sail while in Greece/Crete and both involved multiple stops for snorkeling. If no other opportunities come up you might want to look at boat trips that happen to include snorkeling. Our kayak trip was near Epidaurus and our sail was from Chania; I would mention details but the companies were local to those areas.
The other items to consider keeping dry, for us, were our passports and 'smart' car key from home (almost as expensive as a phone to replace). Our sail was a large boat so we just double-bagged those in ziplock bags from home. The kayak trip, as I said, provided ample-sized dry bags for our stuff. It was a small group of people and the bags were tucked away on each kayak in a hatch so we just trusted that no one would get into them.