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Sky Express Airlines


Any reviews about this airline? I missed out scheduling a flight on Aegean and Olympia Airlines.
Thank you!

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Not a good airline! What is fastest ferry boat from Athens to Naxos?

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Those reviews are horrible for sure. Having said that we have flown with Sky Express several times and never had any problem. I would use them again if I could not get Olympic.

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I've always used Aegean/Olympic airlines but never Sky Express.

However, a number of regular travelers to Greece have said it's fine and just make sure what you are getting with a ticket.

Bear in mind that Aegean & Sky Express don't fly to all the islands. Sometimes it's only one and not the other so you may not have a choice if you want to fly to an island that has only one domestic airline flying there.

If Aegean doesn't fly to a location I want to go to I wouldn't have any hesitation about using Sky Express.

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I used all three, Sky Express, Aegean, Olympic

Sky Express is as good as any other airline, if not better than any other European airline.

Considering that Sky express has carried 3.5 million passengers in its lifetime, I consider 68 bad reviews to be an absolutely fantastic score. That's a satisfaction rate of 99.995%

On these websites people come to complain about problems whose authenticity is not verified and which moreover, are most of the time not the fault of the airline
Tell me what airline you fly on to Greece and I will find as many if not more bad reviews from people who arrive too late and can't board, or whose flight has been canceled, or who want to take more luggage than those allowed...

Look for example United in the website indicated by Lee, you will see its rating : 3/10, same as Sky Express

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How Is Sky Express Doing this summer
Any updates or opinions.
We fly on August 16th.Naxos to Paros.

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jluttner, you are not clear ... Sky Express does not fly BETWEEN islands (Naxos to Paros) ... do you mean Naxos to PARIS?

If you search on various Greece Travel Forums under only Sky Express, you often find original posting only by people who want to complain... people seldom start a thread specifically to praise an airline.. any airline. From following 3 forums this season, I have not seen problems on Sky Express (OR on Aegean) about flight lateness or cancellations or check-ins.

The only issues I've seen discussed have to do with luggage -- and then its mainly situations where people fly from ATH to connect with another plane somewhere else in Europe, and the luggage doesn't make the connection. This should not concern your flight from Naxos to ATH. but be prepared for one Naxos bag-situation.

Due to small runways, Sky Express and Aegean both must use smaller turboprops (modern, enjoyable) with very limited cabin storage. Therefore, some bags that normally have weight & size to qualify as carry-on, may have to be checked at the gate. Some people get all huffy about this; you will not be one of these. When you reach ATH, pick up your bag and connect with your Paris flight... if that flight is on a Sky Express plane, it will be a large jet, able to take carry-ons if you wish.

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"That's a satisfaction rate of 99.995%".................................That is accurate ONLY IF all 3.5 million passengers leave a review.

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This is precisely why all these rankings have no representative value.

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While I have not flown on Sky Express yet I am in a few weeks
To me they have a more quality feel than the budget airlines, and I would say as good or better than Aegean.

This is at least reflected by the pricing and backed up by their general policies on the tickets.

This is obviously all opinion but I see no reason to be fearful of using this airline for an Athens to island flight where you options are limited anyway.
Review websites for airlines are not useful for the most part ; as mentioned the average on-time flight does not get reviewed. Car rental company reviews can be similar where only the bad and the ugly get posted not the good.