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I was surprised to see only very old posts on these islands .. any recent experiences with them?

We are considering them as part of a month in Greece this summer, but it's hard to find good info on them (maybe this is a good thing!) 2 active adults and 2 pre-teen kids, very experienced travelers, have been to Greece a few times but not to these islands, and looking for something new to check out - and maybe splurge on great accommodation.

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My experience is too stale to be of practical help, but I did enjoy a trip to Skiathos back in the 1980s. Although Rick doesn't cover those islands, you may find something like the Rough guide to the Greek Islands helpful. You can probably find an old edition offered online, which might be about as good as a new edition, with things so much in flux.

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Check the Bradt Guide to Northern Greece. I was planning a trip to the Pelion peninsula before covid, and it covered the islands.

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My experience is also quite a bit out of date (2001), but we stayed on Skiathos and also spent some time on Skopelos. I loved both islands. I don't remember the name of the hotel on Skiathos but it was wonderful. It was up on a hill with beautiful views of the water and had a lovely grounds with beautiful flower gardens and a great swimming pool. We spent time on 7 Greek islands and I think Skiathos town was my favorite for wandering and shopping (not that shopping was a big interest for me in general).