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Is the water warm enough to swim in the islands of Skiathos and Skopelos in the the middle of May? Thanks Ellen

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The average sea temperature in Skopelos in May is 64.2F.

However questions like these are much more efficiently answered by just a quick web search. Google "sea temperature in Skopelos"
and you get lots of choices. Here is the one I used:

No one but you knows if a given temperature is warm enough for you to swim in.

I will be staying 11 days on Alonossis a much smaller and quieter neighboring island in August.

Have fun

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Hi there,

I've spent many summers around the Sporades islands and Pelion Peninsula. I'd say that May is a bit chilly but if you are up to it, go ahead. Skiathos for instance was very very hot during August, I loved it during June thought. It depends on how strong you are... ;)

Skiathos during May
Max: 21°C / 67.5°F
Avg: 18.1°C / 64.6°F
Min: 15.2°C / 61.7°F

During the months of April and May, the islands are carpeted with a profusion of wild flowers, such as poppies, wild irises and freesias. The weather is mainly sunny and warm, with occasional showers, and cool evenings. The sea is usually cool and warms up towards the mid of May...