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Site Closures during Holy Week on Greek Islands

I'm planning a trip to Greece with my mother for early to mid April. We'll be in Crete for the first week of April and then take a ferry over to Santorini for a few days during the Easter Holy Week. I've heard the festivals and celebrations are wonderful, but was wondering if we will have any difficulty finding open restaurants to eat in, public transportation around the island via bus and, in particular, whether sites such as Akrotiri will be open during that week. We'll likely stay in an Airbnb so our accommodations aren't as much of a problem, but I'd like to find out more about closures during the holidays. Any information would be appreciated!

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Historical sites and museums will most likely be closed on Mondays, as has been the practice in the past. Some businesses won't be open for the season yet but you won't know which ones until you're there. Greek Easter Sunday will most likely find almost everything closed as well, so you may need to stock up on food to get you through the weekend. You can ask your host for advice regarding this.

Because Easter weekend is the busiest time of year be sure you've booked all your transportation and hotels well in advance.