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SIM cards for Athens & Crete

Just finished reading a updated link from an earlier (2018) Q on Greece SIM cards, which stated of the 3, Cosmote, while most expensive, had the best coverage. Nova was next and Vodaphone was last. Without knowing the different pricing, and the majority of our travel will be in southern Crete (Sougia, Pitsidia, & Plakias), and looking at Crete's topography, would Cosmote be the best choice? Don't expect to be making many calls, but if necessary want the coverage. Thank you in advance!

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I bought a couple of SIM cards around Christmas. They were very reasonably priced and worked well during out two week stay there.

But now I'm trying to figure out how to see if I can use them for a trip we're doing to London, Paris and Rome--trying to figure out if they are still good, or if I need to recharge them.

And it's all Greek--literally! In the modern age where browsers can automatically translate things, and also with most European web site supporting English, I can usually figure out what is what. But the way Cosmote has their web site and app set up, you had better be fluent in Greek if you want to do anything on it. And hey, Greek is the language of Greece so this is totally a "me problem" not a "them problem."

That said, when I looked into this, my impression was that Vodaphone worked pretty much as well as Cosmote and at the time it was comparatively priced. I went with Cosmote because there store was right there and it would have taken an extra 10 -15 minutes to walk to the Vodaphone store.

And now I'm regretting not getting Vodaphone SIM cards!