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Sifnos: Vathi Beach or Heromissos?

Hi all,
we have been staying in Platys Gialos in Sifnos and enjoying the beach here, with some day trips elsewhere.
Tomorrow is our last day here and we are trying to decide between Vathi Beach and Heromissos. Vathi is about 30 mins from PG, Heromissos is more like 40. We have a car.

Does anyone have a strong recommendation as to which beach is better? Vathi seems to be a long sandy beach, with 3 different sections (north, south and central). Heromissos appears to be a bay. Both appear to be calm. Although it's been very windy here, today it has calmed down and should be calm tomorrow as well.

We like calm water and quiet beaches and don't mind walking a bit to get to a nice spot.

Thank you all.

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Tomorrow there will still be the Meltem, the north wind (expected at 4Bf). It's bearable but if you want to avoid it you will have less wind in Vathi than in Cheronissos.

On the other hand, Cheronissos is much quieter.

You also have the Faros option, just east of Platys Gialos, quieter than Platys Gialos and sheltered from the wind (there is a small and a larger beach). It should be about 15 minutes by car.

And also Fassolou beach, even more quiet, which is just south of Faros. You have to take a small road on the left when arriving in Faros. You can also go there from Faros via a hiking trail that runs along the coast

But maybe you've already been there.

In any case I hope you went for a walk in the alleys of Kastro

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Thank you so much, JoLui! We have been to Faros which was our favorite so far, and very sheltered from the wind.

It sounds like today we will choose Vathi, to avoid the wind. Later today, after the beach, we will walk the alleys of Kastro and eat at Cantina.

Very much appreciate your advice! We have had much wind here, but yesterday was very quiet and I thought we were done with wind. Your warning is helpful.


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Wind and cats are what you encounter most often in the Cyclades :))

Regarding the weather forecast in Sifnos:

You can also find the beaches and swimming conditions map here:

(click on the Greek flag at the top right of the map to see the English version)

I've never been to Cantina, but In the alleys of Kastro, one of the places where we stayed in Sifnos, maybe this evening you will meet unplanned people, which will change your plan to go to the restaurant, so you will spend the evening toasting and dancing in the street eating skewers :))

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That sounds lovely! Vathi was very enjoyable and calm, but a small breeze did come up at one point so we were glad we had not gone to Heromissos.

We did eat at Cantina and I have to say the food and view are amazing! we also walked the Kastro alleys but did not meet people with whom to dance and sing - maybe next time! Thanks for the photos and the good advice. We leave tomorrow for Santorini.

With best wishes,

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Good luck in Santorini!

Around 17,000 cruise passengers expected in the next 3 days, plus ferry passengers and flights, It's like having more than 10 times the number of Sifnos inhabitants packed into a quarter of its area

Be prepared, the quiet holidays are over :))

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Ha, I have avoided Santorini for years because of the crowds, despite its famous beauty. We are only making a brief stop there overnight, then a flight to Corfu. But thanks for the heads up :)