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Should I panic?

In September 2016, we booked five nights at the Agali House in Firostafani for September 2017. We received a very detailed confirmation email from them with a confirmation number and all of the correct information: check in/out dates, type of room, daily rate, cancellation policy, breakfast included, when the card will be charged. I emailed them last Friday 3/10/2017 just to reconfirm that they have our booking for my own peace of mind. I haven't heard back yet, and it's been five days. Should I worry? Thanks for your advice.


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No. They might be closed and on vacation in March. Many tourist businesses in the islands work all day, every day, for about 7 months of the year. Try again in May, if you feel the need, or much closer to your travel date.

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Just as Laura says. I am a good friend with a Greek hotel owner and he left my inquiries unanswered for a month one time. This is their time off. Given them another week then try again.

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I think they're open. I just did a 4-night mock booking for March 20 with no notice that rooms weren't available then. Also someone else just booked with them for the same week as me (according to Spend the money on a phone call, and call between Noon and 3pm Greek time. TEL: +302286022811

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Thank you, all for your advice. I sent another email, but I'll give them a call. I agree, the reserved room is probably still secure, but a reconfirmation always puts my mind at ease, especially for this hotel. We are happy to pay a pretty penny to sit on our private balcony overlooking the caldera with a bottle of wine. Honestly, the view from that balcony and the airport might be the only things we see for five days.

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The last time I tried to confirm a room reservation right before a trip, the hotel rep. laughed at me. 'Don't you have your computerized confirmation?" Since then I don't confirm. This way I don't have to panic two days before my trip if there is no reservation. If I ever arrive and my reservation is lost, this mature woman will just sit in their lobby until they find me a room! No panic. I now make it their responsibility or they have a woman sleeping in their lobby! ;)