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Serbian - Greek Relations?

We are going on a tour to Greece and our tour guide is Serbian. One of the travelers has concerns that the Greeks and Serbs don't get along. He is concerned that there could be a conflict if the Greeks find out the guide is Serbian. I've done a bit of research and can't seem to find any issues. Can anyone help with this? I've heard nothing but amazing things about Greece and we love our tour guide. This traveler is very stressed about this!

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I've never heard of anything but positive relationships between Greeks and Serbs...they have a long friendship and share an Eastern Orthodox religion. Are you sure you're talking about the right two countries (Turks and Greeks would be a different story, for example)? Read this if you're not convinced:–Serbia_relations

What kind of conflict does your fellow traveler expect? A full blowout with a tour guide solely due to his nationality? Sadly Balkanization has not died.

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I think your fellow Traveller needs to bone up on modern history. A Serb might find an icy reception in some of the other former Yugoslavian countries. But Greece? I don't think so.

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It's definetly Serbia. I have no idea what he's talking about , but felt like we should look into it.

Thanks so much.

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Pretty sure any guide has to be licensed, so its unlikely there is going to be some sort of 'discovery' during your tour that would lead to 'conflict'.

The 'traveler' you reference should be more worried about making it from his home to the airport safely, than a conflict because of the guide

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Sati is correct; the conflict is between Greeks and Macedonians, not the Serbs. It is an unfortunate dispute with colonial and Ottoman roots. I'm sure your guide is fluent in Greek and you will all be fine. Have you checked online reviews your guide has received? Were there any issues related to your fellow-traveler's concerns?

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From what I know Serbs and Greeks are friends and brothers. Greek–Serbian relations have traditionally been friendly due to cultural, religious and historical factors. As for what was mentioned about FYROM, politics have nothing to do with how most Greeks see visitors. Extreme ideas never helped anyone. Being biased against a country or a person will not make anyone's life better.