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Seattle to Athens

We have a connecting flight from SEA to CDG to get to ATH but we only have an hour at CDG. Will we be ok?

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If it's a single ticket then the airlines is responsible to get you to Athens.

However, 1 hour connecting flights in CDG can be "iffy" at best.

It's a large airport and you may have to take a "train" from one terminal/gate to another.

If you miss the connection then the airlines is obligated to get you another flight but who knows when.

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Yes, a single ticket. Thanks for the response about it being the airline’s responsibility to get us along. It’s just odd that they make these connections so short. We’re flying Delta.

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That’s an airport I transit frequently out of Seattle and change planes for somewhere in Europe. I do not really think you can do it in an hour - I never have been able to and I fly business class so I’m off the plane first and making my way…very quickly…to my next flight.

Can you see if Delta will rebook you?

If not, the above posters are right - you will get rebooked but you should arm yourself with information for that possibility. Know which Delta partner flights are leaving in the hours after your arrival. And, moreover, know where they are leaving from so you have an idea of how to get to the next gate. Have the flight numbers on a little list with you.

Here’s a report I posted last month on the exact details of my SEA-CDG-LIS flight:

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with 1 hour, you will NOT make the connection at Charles De Gaulle -- there are times, when THREE hours is not enough. That airport is a nightmare. Try to avoid it if at all possible ... if you cannot switch airlines, at least see if you can switch to a later connection. Everyone I know who has flown to Greece from the US in the past 20 years has a Hell Tale to tell about CDG, especially with Air France.. After my 1st time I swore never again .... with 1 hr connection, having to jump off an airport "transit bus" and RUN for 3/4 of a mile thru the airport (which has wings/arms like an Octopus)... and be the last one on the plane ... and our suitcases didn't arrive in Santorini until the NEXT day, and Air France wouldnt deliver to hotel, so it cost us €30 taxi fare to get our clothes. Then CDG #2 was booked by my companion... and that time we had a cancellation with an 8-hour wait... and they gave us €4 to buy something to eat.

I hope you can arrange a better connection.

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If you are on the 1PM departure from SEA, the good news is if you miss the 9AM flight out of Paris to ATH, there is an AF flight that leaves at noonish. Just hope it has some seats.

If you depart SEA on a later flight and have the hour to make the noon flight and miss it, your prospect of getting to ATH before midnight are grim.

I would be on the phone to Delta to take preventative action, rather than face the prospect of chaos and disaster at CDG.

Good luck!