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Sea Jets v. Hellenic Seaways

Does anyone have any thoughts in choosing between Sea Jets v. Hellenic Seaways for travel from Mykonos to Santorini?

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Hellenic Seaways are larger more stable vessels if the water is at all rough. Also more reliable on keeping on schedule. I haven't taken Sea Jets but have heard reports about what happens in rough weather... if you go to Trip Advisor and do some research on past inquiries, you can find out details. In fact, just go to Google and type in "Sea Jets vs Hellenic Seaways" . I did that, and up popped about 6 threads from TA.

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Sea Jets has 2 very large vessels, the Champion Jet and the Mega Jet. These don't cause seasickness the way the SuperJet and SeaJet2 do. As long as they're running on time when you need them they'd be fine, but overall/statistically Hellenic Seaways is much more reliable. That said, the HS FlyingCat 4 is as small as the SeaJet2, so take one of the "Highspeeds" if you have the choice to do so.