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Scooter/ATV Rental

Hello! I am traveling to Greece in late may and will be in Santorini for 3 days. My friends and I are looking into scooter/ATV rentals, but I am not sure what the requirements are. I have my US license, passport, and also my Garda Card from Ireland (I studied abroad this semester)...
Will this allow me to rent? Any advice would be appreciated!

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Greek law requires that you have an International Driving Permit. Chances are good that you can rent scooters and ATVs without it but if you get in an accident and don't have it with you you will be in a world of trouble and you will most likely be responsible for any and all repairs to all vehicles involved. Your insurance will be invalid because you will have been driving illegally. You may even be detained until all money owed is paid.

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Your post makes me think you are already in Europe and without access to a AAA office, where you could spend $20 to obtain the IDP. So, take the risk (as I suspect most folks do) and rent the atv without an IDP. HIGHLY RECOMMEND two tips: rent an ATV for the added stability this vehicle offers over a scooter and take it easy on speed by driving cautiously.
Fyi: we have done this on Mykonos and enjoyed a wonderful experience.

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Twelve trips to Greece, including Santorini twice. Have rented a scooter about twenty five times. No incidents. Never been asked to present my IDP by those renting out scooters but pay very close attention to Lee's advice. You never need an IDP until something goes wrong and the police want to see yours. Greek riders are skilled and courteous. Drunken, sun-addled tourist riders can be a problem.

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Hello! We've been in Greece this August (Zakynthos, Crete, Athens). In all locations everything was fine even with ordinary car drivers license. I've rented a 50cc scooter and 300cc quadbike on Santorini through this website - . We've got price even lower than it was in offices of rental companies (i've checked a few rentals, price was always higher, so I can recommend to rent online!).