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Santorini Wine/Food Tours

Hello All

Any recommendations for Wine and or Food tours in Santorini? I already have a tour booked with OceanWave Tours but looking for another.

Thanks, this site is great nice people and really good resource.

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Last September we took our adult kids to Santorini and they wanted to visit a winery and do a tasting. I researched hard and gave them a choice of 3. They chose the Winery–Wine Museum - Koutsoyannopoulos.

It was a winery but has since been turned into a museum. It is in the wine storage tunnels underground and is about 300 meters long. The tour is audio led with each station having its own broadcast of information.
There is historical information on Santorini and information on how grapes are grown without rain or irrigation. The one thing that was a bit poor was the mannequin figures. They are a bit strange but not a distraction.
At the end of the tour there was a wine tasting of 5 different wines and when my wife said there was one wine she was interested in but not on the tasting they opened a bottle and gave us a taste. The price for the tour and the tasting 9 euros each.
A great experience at a bargain price.
I have a Santorini album but there are over 200 images on the album. If you open this link it is an image from the museum. Just hit the forward symbol on the right edge of the image and you can see the rest of the pictures at the Museum.

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Kalispera!!! :)

You should try the Santorini Wine Adventure!!! It was awesome! They had a cooking class as well, I had a great time <3
My other option would be Santorini Day Tours by Dimitris, a friendly couple did that one because we couldn't book the same days... I've also heard that Safowi is good, might try that another time.

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I tried to book Santorini Wine Adventure but they are booked :/ I do have a tour with Dimitris though :)

Any other Food/Wine tours anyone else can recommend ?

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Looks like Wine Tours when we are there, too early. We are going first week of April. Any food tours?