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Santorini to Naples via Athens

Heading out of Santorini on May 22nd to Naples. Seems like the only option is to fly back to Athens and then take an Easy Jet to Naples. Flights are very limited. Question ... not sure if I should take the 6am flight leaving me a 3.5 hour stop in Athens to re-book luggage and customs or the 7.25am flight leaving me a 2 hour window. The only flight to Naples that day is a 10.20am departure. Also .... by this stage of the year would all flights be live now for next May or do flights get added closer to the date? Thank you in advance for any advice.

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Since you won't have the possibility to fly from Santorini to Naples via Athens with a single ticket (the ATH-Naples is an Easyjet and the Santorini-ATH flights are Aegean/Olympic or Volotea) and you have luggage to take back then to re-check, the safest thing to do is to take the 6:05 flight with Aegean/Olympic.
Collect your luggage then head upstairs to check in for Naples.
After the security checks there is a whole area with shops, restaurants, bars where you can wait for your flight to Naples.

Since you stay in the Schengen area you will not have passport control. Customs control will be done in Naples on your initiative only if you want to declare something, otherwise go through the "Nothing to declare" exits.

You can also wait until January/February 2023 to see if any flights are added. It's up to you. Personally, I don't have a crystal ball.

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Between now and next May there likely will be more flights added by other airlines as they reconfigure their schedules for next summer after seeing how busy this year was. Volotea has one direct 2-hour flights from Santorini to Naples on some days- but no flight listed for May 22. Check for airfares and schedules. You might want to sign up with Skyscanner or Googleflightd for a fare alert on a direct Santorini to Naples flight for May 22 and a notice will show up in your e-mail if one is scheduled as new flights open up.