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Santorini to Mikonos

What is the most efficient, high speed ferry or a hopper plane flight. Don't want to waste time if not necessary. Same question to complete trip from Mikonos to Athens.

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Dont want waste time, therefore do not give sufficient info. You no say when, we no can advise except general.

No planes except to ATH & change.

Ferries: During high & shoulder season daily service, visa fast-ferries only (Seajet, small no/cars catamaran, tippy in rough seas).

No direct service Nov - mid-march.

FERRIES - ("regular" ferries only, during Nov-early March; otherwise daily fast-ferry also)
PLANES (all) -

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We will be traveling end of May thru beginning of June. The deeper question is really the net amount of time. Air is obviously faster than boat but about when you factor in airport check-in, luggage, etc...

Thank you

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We cannot do all the work for you of determining the time it will require pre-trip and post-trip -- how long will it take you to check out of hotel, and get to Airport or port (we don't know where you are staying in either island, and whether your hotel provides a car or shuttle "transfer" or whether you want to do it via public transportation or taxi, and the comparative times/costs.

If you want an idea of the times of day for ferries, it is too early to find May 2016 sailings on the website. However, you can use another website: This has a useful "rollback" feature. When you put in your 2 ports, the date box has a calendar ikon; when clicked, it has arrows above the month, and by clicking the LH arrow you can roll the calendar back to May 2015. Choose the DAY (i.e., 2nd Tuesday) you want to depart (not the DATE ) & click & you see the USUAL times of day for ferry service. If there's no ferry that day, click "next day" or "previous day" till you find a sailing.

If you wish us to do the work of calculating the time required from leaving hotel to arriving/checking in to next hotel, and your time & cost options of taxi, bus, shuttle etc, and helping you decide which would suit you best .... that is asking us to do the work for you, as a travel agency does, for a fee. We are not a travel agency.

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As noted by Janet, the fastest, most efficient connection is with one of the high-speed catamarans such as Flying Cat Catamarans operated by Hellenic Seaways, which offers daily departures, roughly May-October