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Santorini sunset catamaran cruise question

We are planning to do a sunset cruise and I purposely picked to go on the day where there are 7 cruises porting so that we can enjoy the sunset from the catamaran rather than up there (when it is already very crowded)

The only thing is that there are several of the tours below and I have difficulty in choosing which one since each catamaran is different

Which would you recommend (based on the photos below)

Obviously each of them above, the boats are different, price is different, some routes are slightly different etc.

I purposely chose NOT to do the sunset tour that finishes in Akrotiri so that we can enjoy the sunset looking up at the caldera cliff houses in Oia but just dunno which one to go for since they are all seem to be similar and luxurious!

Your suggestion and feedback would be greatly appreciated and especially for those who have been in before!

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