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Santorini naxos Paros & Athens

Hi there.I’m at a total loss planning our trip.
I finally decided on The above islands not realising there were so many areas in each one😀 any help would be appreciated .
Santorini /Fira 4 days ,hotel sweet pop €500
Ferry to Naxos
Naxos /chora 4 days hotel grotta €560
Ferry to Paros
Paros/pairikia 4 days hellinikio studios €300
Flight to Athens
Athens 3 days hotel metropolis €328
Does this look ok..should I add less or more days to anything do ye think ?id also like to bring down the costs on the hotels but there is so much information it’s all very daunting.thanks for reading !!

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I don't see why you are totally lost, for the choice of islands it's perfect! You have followed the instructions of the tourist agencies to the letter. :))

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I recommend one less day in Santorini. Give that day to Athens. You should take a look at beautiful Napflio on the Peloponnesean Peninsula, two hour drive from Athens. It is surrounded by many of Greece’s antiquities.

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Thanks everyone .I just thought I’d pick these islands and that would be it ,I didn’t realise how big they all are.I’m used to Lanzarote for 2 weeks but we want to try something new now.also hoping on bringing the Cost of the hotels down so that we’ll have more money for tours and ferries as we won’t have a car .
Thanks again!!

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YOu haven't said WHEN you are coming... For lower hotel costs, try to come in May or September... late May is a better time anyway, since Global Warming has increaased temp in High season, and May is warmer than it used to be... it's more like June. If u are from Ireland, you'll be fine swimming in Naxos/Paros in late May... and it will be less crowded as well .

To cut costs I agree, shorten Santorini stay by 1 day.... it's all about the Famous Caldera View, it's beaches are really n.g. -- black grit (From the volcano). So enjoy view & move on... day-sails in Naxos/Paros are cheaper, lots of fun.

NAXOS -- If you don't have a car, and are going in May/September, In Naxos Ag. Giorgios is handier ... short level walk along shore to the tavernas & nightlife of Port Town. Grotta (where I've stayed) has lovely view of sunset, but you get that anyway if you are in a taverna in Port Town or out on a beach... and Grotta is up on a bluff... after dinner a steep walk uphill in the dark along a path with no lights. If you are going in LAte Aug/Early Sept, the N wind (meltemi) is fierce, hitting Grotta terrace so you cannot sit out there... In that case, AG. Giorgios beaches/tavernas are more sheltered (Look at a MAP -- google 3-d).

PAROS -- Parikia is handy, however its beach, Livadi, is mediocre at best... too near ferries, also narrow, often littered. In High Season there are cheap boat-rides to Better nearby beaches, like Drios.

Most of your concerns about budget & experience can be solved by doing homeworko on your own, and not just by scrolling on a phone, or relying on a forum -- too many websites are only promotional, pretty pictures, not realistic info; guides r better (not just plusses, but drawbacks as well). If you are in a town/city no need to spend money to do a bit of research; most libraries have a few Greece guides & you have time before next year (you ARE thinking 2023, yes?). Of course, this does require reading.

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PS: If you give approx dates, I can suggest some good budget options for your destinations ... BTW, if you have found that some hotels say "booking not available" it's reallly that they're taking some time offf, after a VERY busy hectic season... and also because (unlike big chain hotels) many smaller family-run hotels don't like to settle on next year's prices until December.

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Thank you so much !! A lot of information there for me to refer back too.sorry I thought I had put dates in the subject line.We are going June 21st-July 6th.yea I agree I’m going to get some handy guides as the phone and the internet is just ao overwhelming with information’thanks again

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You might want to look at a hotel at St George beach on Naxos. Grotta has a great reputation and many love it however its high up over the town. At this time of year it will be hot, you may want to stay in a hotel on a beach. St George is part of Naxos town and is just a 10 minute stroll on the seafront headland into Naxos waterfront Promenade. You can easily walk to the bus station at the port to get you around the island. No need for a car.
Another option would be one of the West coast beaches. They are about 7 km from Naxos town and have regular bus service when you want to go to town.

I agree dropping a day from Santorini is fine. Max my wallet can handle is 3 nights.
Every ferry hop uses us a half of a day. For efficiency you could cut out one ferry hop. You could consider dropping one of Naxos or Paros and spend 8 days on either. Both deserve a minimum of a week and you won't see everything they have to offer even in a week.
Personally I would choose Naxos. Here is why
Around Naxos town 2022

Back to Naxos 2022

Naxos sunsets

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To lower the cost of hotels, it's very simple: Do not go to hotels. The Greek islands are full of accommodation run by locals where you will have practically the same services as in hotels (often more friendly and more comfortable) and much cheaper than in a hotel.
In the majority of them cleaning is done regularly, sheets and towels are changed, the owner can pick you up at the port for free, etc.

If it's just to have a breakfast, and unless you are unable to make yourself breakfast, know that all the accommodations, studio or apartment, have all the equipment to make your breakfast yourself. You just have to go and buy what you need in the minimarket or the local bakery (you choose which ones!) and you can have your breakfast whenever you want, even at noon.
And since it's about saving money, with 30€ you will have enough to make at least 3 days of breakfasts for 2 people. The same as those who will be charged at least €10 per person per day in a hotel.

The main problem I see is that you don't want to rent a car.
It is not essential in Santorini if ​​you stay there 3 nights, but in Naxos and Paros you will be dependent on buses or taxis and you will not be able to move around as you want when you want even if they are smaller than Lanzarote. In addition, this will considerably restrict your accommodation options.
A day's rental car (a small Fiat Panda style) costs around €40 with a local rental company, sometimes cheaper if you look carefully.

I agree with janet that Parikia is not the ideal place to stay for 4 days in Paros,
but if you don't have a car (again the same problem) the choice of Drios, is not better although it is a place that I like in Paros.
By the way, there is an Irish bar in Parikia, "The Dubliner" :))

In Paros if you want to save money, also avoid Naoussa where everything is more expensive and "chic" than elsewhere on the island

I don't want to make your choice even more complicated, but if it's to stay in the same place without a car on a island, you can just as well go to Amorgos and stay in Katapola or better in Aegiali.
It's right between Santorini and Naxos (by ferry) and it's just as good and less crowed than Paros and Naxos