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Santorini Ideas Please


We're staying in Santorini for a few days and are thinking about taking a late flight to Athens for the rest of our trip instead of the ferry. My question is we have to check out of the home we are staying in at noon. If our plane doesn't leave until 9pm what should we do with our luggage so we can do more sightseeing and what would you suggest we could do while we wait for our flight?

Cheryl Petty

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We had the same question a few years ago when we stayed in Oia after our RS tour. A family on the tour who was on Santorini at the same time had hired a private guide, and they allowed us to tag along (we paid 75 euros each, cash). He picked us up before lunch and drove us around the island. Our bags fit into the back of his van easily, so no worries there, and he dropped us at the airport in time for our flight. We had been on Santorini for two nights and had already walked around the local areas. It was great having a guide drive us around the island to places we hadn't seen yet, especially since he was a local and took us to his village. He also acted as our guide at Akrotiri (the dig site). I would highly recommend Kostas.

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There's a "left luggage" business in Fira down below and to the right of the main corner where traffic diverts around the main square. You could also rent a car for the day with the arrangement to drop it off at the airport. This is a common practice'

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Your hotel will very likely allow you to leave your bags with them for a few hours after you check out. I've never been told no.

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the hotel will probably keep your luggage safe. Just ask them. If they cannot assist (I don't they would mind, I did it last year in Paros, and another time I left my things at the car rental company on another island). If you ask the locals or the hotel they will give you the best advice. Sometimes the hotel might ask a small fee to keep the luggage.