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Santorini catamaran tours

We are interested in taking a catamaran tour while on Santorini, and have researched two different tours. (both tours are 5-6 hours and include lunch) I'm looking for advice as to sights & experiences along and included in the two different routes. Does anyone have experience/opinions on these two options? Thanks in advance!

Option #1: Departs from Vlihada following the coastline to the famous “Martian” Red Beach of Akrotiri. Then towards the White Beach for snorkeling/swimming. Sailing then to below the Venetian Lighthouse and rotate to move into the famous Caldera (Palea and Nea Kammeni). Our next destination is the submerged crater, where we will be sailing around and eventually stop at the hot sulphurous springs, for swimming and a rejuvenating spa. Our last stop is Palea Kammeni, the volcanic Island where you may swim and snorkel.

Option #2: Setting sail from Ammoudi at Oia, we sail straight to the caldera coast and around the volcano, stopping at the hot springs for 40 minutes for a rejuvenating mud bath. Continue on towards the Venetian Lighthouse, below the Indian Rocks. Next stop will be at Mesa Pigadia where you can swim/snorkel. Sail then to the Red and White beach, where a stop is also made for swimming / snorkeling. This itinerary ends at Vlihada port.

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Be advised that the so-called "hot springs" cove is a lukewarm, sulphur-smelling and clothing-staining misconception. There is no spa there, just a small cove where the sea water is kept tepid by vents from the active volcano far below. You also have to swim about 50 meters to get into the cove. I think you might misunderstand some of what you have read. The caldera and the submerged crater.are one and the same. Red Beach is a danger zone. It's fine to visit if you stay offshore. Once you're there you'll see that the cliff above is collapsing a little at a time right down onto the beach. Someday there will be a strong enough tremor from the volcano that will loosen some rocks that will fall and kill someone. It's just a matter of time.