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Santorini Catamaran Options

Hey Y’all I really have valued all the great advice and help I’ve received the last few questions I’ve asked.

We are doing a catamaran/snorkel cruise during one of our days in Santorini, we found a company we like, a they offer two options. The early option 9:30 - 2:30 or the sunset option 2:30 - 8:30.

The sunset option is 40$’s more expensive per person.

I guess I am asking if you’ve had any issues experience with the sunset catamarans, an if it is worth that extra cost?

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Even in snorkeling they now charge for the sunset!

And the best part is they find buyers

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I forgot to mention the sunset one gets another hour of time on the water.

But I assume you think this is unnecessary soing the sunset option?

Would you mind sharing the name of the company you chose and what about them that tipped you towards them? We are also looking at doing a catamaran tour, but there are so many options. I did email the hotel we are staying at but haven't heard back. I think them may be closed now as it is off season. Thank you.

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So our travel agent chose for us because we are planning our wedding an we don’t have time for that. But it’s called “Santorini: Luxury Small Group Catamaran w/ Meal & Open Bar”

What we liked about this option is that it offers a what we think is a very exciting looking menu and the amount of snorkel/swim time and having an open bar. We also liked that this one offered hotel pick up and drop off.

The other options she gave us was “Luxury Sunset Cruise in Santorini with Greek Meal and Drink”

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Do the daytime one and enjoy the sunset from the comfort of your area of residence.