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Santorini Bus Service

Would those who know share thoughts on the below.

I found this on an 'unofficial' tourist guide website:
"There is only one mode of public transportation in Santorini, the local bus system...The journey from the airport to Fira takes about 20 mins and costs EUR 2.20 each way. The bus service does not run on a regular basis and may only run every few hours (i.e. 7:30am, 11am, etc), especially in winter. The bus schedule is posted outside the airport and just before the exit."

The official airport site says "By bus: The duration of the bus ride is approximately 15 minutes. The bus service runs every 15 minutes. Fare is 1,20 euros"

The KTEL website shows airport bus service roughly every 1.5 hours which seems to be in between the two above and most believable to me. But info from those with experience of October service would be welcome, especially if actuality is more like what the unofficial site would indicate.

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What you've quoted sounds very dated, and that source needs to be checked for other inaccuracies. The bus that stops at the airport originates at Monolithos and ends in Fira. The current fare is €1.6. Every 1.5 hours sounds about right for that route but it varies according to time of year and demand. It takes 15-20 minutes. There will also be taxis waiting outside the terminal for fares. Right now the KTEL website is still showing the summer schedule.