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Santorini Bus Service

I will be in Santorini for 3 days starting Sept. 27, 2014. I'm staying near Perivolos Beach. I know I will need to take a bus to reach Oia. For those that have been during this timeframe, (late Sept.) any issues catching the bus to reach Oia and back? Anything to watch out for? I'll be traveling solo this trip so wanted to get any tips.


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By late September it's likely that all bus departures will have been cut back because demand will have slowed, so keep an eye out for the most current schedule. I'm not sure where in Perivolos you'll find it (usually somewhere near the bus stop) but you will be able to find in posted on the side of the bus terminal office in Fira. There's also an online schedule but sometimes it's not as current as what you'll find on site.

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Lee's answer is pretty spot on. I was there in mid-September and the buses were running as normal but they may slow down a little in late September. I would recommend when you check into your hotel to ask the front desk what the schedule will be for the three days you are there. They should know the current schedule both leaving Perivolos and heading back from Oia. On both journeys, you will probably have to transfer in Fira, the main hub. The locals at the Fira station are usually helpful in making sure you get on the right bus and the direction is often shown on the front of the bus.