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Santorini-- anyone used Santorini View tour company?


A group of 16 of us are doing a Mediterranean cruise in Sep 24. We are in Santorini from 1:30 p.m.-10p.m. (via tender)

We are looking at a 4-5 hour private tour to share costs.

Does anyone have experience using Santorini View tour company? Their toyrs look great. Or another company ?

We are hoping a 4 hour tour is possible during our time on the island.

Advice appreciated.

Thank you.

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If you mean private tour vs Crruise Ship tour, be VERY sure about access to the island. From what I read on forums, ONLY the (pricey) ship tours will transport you via special boat to the bigger modern port, & transfer you to a bus up the road to the clifftop surface of the island. Otherwise, a pvt. tour may meet you AT the clifftop... which means you need to wait with all the other 2,000 or so passengers for space in the "tenders" that take you to the Old Pier at the foot of hte cliffs, then wait in line for the very-limited capacity cable car to llift you to the top... this could take a loooong time. And the return could take even longer. On a busy weekday, when many cruise ships are in port, the cable-car line has reportedly been over an hour. Of course, in late September there may be fewer ships,. There are websites that can tell you richt now just how many cruise ships will be docking the same day as yours.

Before you get until details of tour length, find out about access!

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I never go on organized tours but if it's this Santorini tour you're talking about, it doesn't seem bad to me, at least on paper.

However, only 5 hours to do and see everything on their list, it will probably be a constant rush.

But I just noticed that it is a price per person, it is not a global cost that can be shared by the number of participants. Maybe I've looked at the wrong tour.

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Thanks all. We decided to forgo a private tour. I looked and found 5 cruise ships in port on our day.

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Indeed, that platform operates like a one-stop-shop, for everything about Santorini - from accommodations to activities.
If you're coming by cruise ship, the 'Must-See Highlights' private tour is highly recommended in this website on this website, but it is also very popular on Viator and Tripadvisor. They have knowledgable guides who can show you the entire island in just half a day, and they're fully equipped to tweak the tour based on your preferences!

This is the link on Santorini View

or directly on their website