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Santorini and London - travel options

Hi everyone - I’m posting as I need help with coordinating flights for an upcoming trip. This is my second time in Europe (previously went to Spain but only traveled domestically).

We have 11 days on ground from May 26 – June 5; flying in and out of London from Toronto, Canada. Thinking of dividing the time in the following way = Toronto > London > Santorini (3 days) > Mykonos (3 days) > London (remaining) > Toronto.

However, I’m having a hard time finding direct flights between Santorini and London (any airport) – this leg is also driving up the cost. Either they’re very expensive, odd times, or long layovers. I see EasyJet options on Google Flights, but I thought there would be more timings (are these sold out or not released yet?). Should we add a day to Milan and fly out from Malpensa?

Any suggestions on the best way to map out those destinations and/or guidance on the best airlines, dates, etc.? I’m flexible for how we map it out but some help with the Santorini/London portion would be great as I’m not familiar with travel across Europe. Thanks!

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Maybe there are no direct flights? There are some seasonal flights with Easyjet and British Airways but I don't know when those start/end. The only year round option is Aegean via Athens. Not a bad choice if there are no direct flights, Aegean is a great airline.

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I don't know about flying to Santorini direct from London, but when I went to Greece last summer, I flew to Santorini direct from Amsterdam Schiphol on Transavia. Flight was fine, felt like a Southwest flight. That could be an option to look at if you can't find a good solution straight from London.

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Where are you looking? There are multiple direct flights on BA from Santorini to London per day. In fact I am flying on one of them on 25 May. Prices may be a bit higher than usual because the 26th is a Bank holiday so it’s a popular week to travel.

Edited: sorry, just saw you’re looking for the other direction, London to Santorini. I still see at least one BA flight most days, usually departing mid-morning and arriving around 3pm.

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Be realistic - you have 9 days on the ground, as the first day will be trying to get over jet lag and finding your accommodation and the last day will just be getting to the airport for your flight home. With that timeframe, I would just consider one Greek island (personally, I wouldn’t opt for the Disneyfied Santorini or Mykonos as there are more typically Greek Greek islands and I would opt for something closer to London so I didn’t spend so much time in transit!).

EasyJet fly 3-4 times a week from Gatwick to Santorini in May. The issue you will have is that the week you are wishing to travel is school half term holiday in the U.K. and this will push flight prices up plus the flights have been available for months, so the best deals have already gone.