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Santorini Accommodation Recommendations? (June 23/34)

Hello Everyone!

My new wife and I will be celebrating part of our honeymoon in Greece and will be staying two nights in Santorini. Our flights arrives the evening of June 23rd at 8:30pm and we would appreciate any tips or recommendations for accommodations for that night and the next.

I have read suggestions that a caldera view is a must (is that true?). Free airport and port transfers would be nice (we plan to catch a ferry on the 3rd day to another island). We are generally budget conscious travelers and look for accommodations under $100 USD, but could stretch to $150 per night if needed. We understand Santorini is popular. A balcony with a view where we could relax and enjoy the views would be fantastic.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions or insight you can offer!

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Although they may not provide Caldera views, you might have a look at Hotel Nissos Thira or Pension George.

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We just returned a few days ago from a 2 week trip to Greece and spent 2 nights at the Ellinon Thea Boutique Hotel in Firostephani , which was a short walk along the Caldera trail to Fira. We are glad to have been a little off the beaten path in Firostephani.Parking for the Ellinon is at a public lot about a block away on the main road. Your plans may take you into high season, but if they still have rooms available I would recommend the Ellinon. We had the room named Clio, which is just off the reception area. Hot tub, caldera view and great breakfast included and served to your room. The only negative is it's on the caldera trail, so people will be walking right by your balcony.

We had a rental car, which I highly recommend for your 2 day stay. we used Santorini Holiday Cars and got a small car (compact I think). it was 38 Euros and was an older car but perfectly fine shape and we we so glad to have a small car! They gave aus a good map of the island. The Ellinon offers free transfers from the airport, which was 15 E. each way, so it was no-brainer. It gave us a chance to drive to Akrotiri, Pyrgos, Oia and all over the back side of the island.
Fira will be crawling with cruise ship passengers in late June, so another reaon to stay someplace other than Fira.
Have a great time. We loved Greece and the people and the food!

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Unfortunately at this late date it may be impossible to find a hotel with a caldera view for $100-$150 per night, even if it was at all possible this year. I can think of only one: Stelios Rooms in Oia. Prices on Santorini for that view have skyrocketed. Your best chance for finding budget accomodations is by using the filter system at

Good luck, I hope you find something!

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Scirocco Apartment Hotel is right on the Caldera in Fira with an unobstructed view. We were there for 10 nights, April 2016 and I recommend it without hesitation. It's perfect and fits your budget with a hearty "continental" breakfast included. The owner will pick you up,at the airport. If you come in by ferry the taxi to town is about 20 Euros. The hotel is down quite a few steps, maybe four flights. I can't say enough about the views. The rooms are cute with daily service if you wish, included. I've stayed at Ritz Carletons before and would take this experience any day. If you decide to go to Oia for a day, bus fare is about a 1.8 euros each and on grey local buses. The Scirocco is just wonderful- I loved it and will go back in 4-5 years.

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I agree that the Scirocco is an excellent choice and I hope they have availability when you need it, but the chances are slim because of their popularity and affordability. One other possibility is the Hotel Mylos in Firostefani.

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Thank you everyone for the fantastic suggestions! Based on your glowing reviews, I have sent off an email inquiry to Scirrocco with my fingers crossed. I will also look at the other suggestions to see if they fit our budget.

Just curious.. Has anyone had experience using AirBnb in Greece? Or are the standard hotels / apartments the best way to go?

Thanks again!

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RE AirBnB -- I've talked with a lot of first-timers lately, and they have found plusses & minusses ...
• for special needs (young families, needing several BR together), AirBnB may offer more apartments.

• If booking-sites show "sold out" in areas you want, you may strike it lucky & score an AirBnB there
• Sometimes u want just 1 or 2 nights, & an AirBnb may require 3-6 nights
• Regular booking websites usually provide exact locations via Googlemap, where AirBnb places may "fudge it' drastically

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Re AirBnB another thought --
... If you are looking for Santorini, and location is Crucial, you could e-mail the place and ask them to name the nearest HOTEL and how many metres from it... as a locator