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Santorini 4 days

I am back asking about a more focused Santorini itinerary (you all are so helpful here! Thanks).

We are arriving in Oia Friday morning Aug. 19 and have 4 days. We are not renting a car and would like to take taxi/bus to see places.

I have already planned a boat trip to the Caldera/snorkel Aug. 20 so I figure we will stay around Oia that day.

That leaves 2 days to see:
Red beach (is the Red beach easy to get to without car?) This one not a priority since we will see it on the boat tour.
Fira for dinner one night/to shop

What is the best way to see most of these places with public transportation? Should I book a winery tour? Or is there easy ways to see them from Pyrgos via bus/walking?


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Thanks for that recommendation:)
I think I found the bus from Oia to Fira onto Akrotiri. But wanted to stop at Pyrgos on way back and go to Artemis winery in Exo Gonia. But there doesn't seem to be a bus route from Pyrgos to Exo Gonia? And then a bus from Exo Gonia back to Oia?

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We just returned from Santorini and found the rental of quads was super easy and fun to drive.

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If you do manage to get to Exo Gonia be sure to have lunch at Metaxi Mas, behind the large church (with the red roof tiles) on the main road. There is no bus to Exo Gonia. If you do go to Pyrgos have a meal at Taverna Kallisti. These are two truly excellent restaurants. Booking a winery tour makes the best sense if you enjoy wine tasting. If you are at Akrotiri you can easily walk to the Red Beach but it's posted for danger. Large rocks can fall on the beach from the unstable cliff overhead. It's best to keep your distance. You can walk to the beginning of the footpath that leads down to the beach to see it all.