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Safety in Greece

We are considering a trip to the Greek islands next spring or fall 2018. I have heard there are safety concerns for Americans due to political unrest and terrorist cells. We probably will not be visiting Athens but rather other islands, possibly Santorini, Crete and some others. Are there any safety concerns there? Are there islands less safe than others? What to avoid? Is it best to postpone? Any info would be appreciated. I do realize that terrorism can occur anywhere at any time so this possibility doesn't scare me unless threats are likely and prevalent.

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Please state your source for this misinformation. There is no more or less anti-American sentiment in Greece than there is anywhere else in the world, and it certainly does not translate into violence against tourists, whether it be in Athens or on the islands. Go with confidence that you will be welcome.

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I spent two weeks traveling in Greece this spring and felt totally safe everywhere we went. American's have a distorted notion that there is a terrorist on every street corner in Europe. I have always felt safer traveling in Europe than I do America and I live in the Bible Belt!

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I felt safer in Greece than in other European countries. And compared to the US, you will most likely will be safer.

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I just spent the month of June in Greece, both on the mainland and some of the islands, and never once felt unsafe or wary in any way. The people of Greece were among the most friendly and helpful I have ever encountered, anywhere in the world. I was surprised by the fluency in English of most people, in all places I went, and of all ages of people. Even in parts of Athens where some people had indicated concern, I felt no issues or hostility, day or night. Go and enjoy!

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Just backing up what everyone else said.

Yes, there is a risk of terror attacks in any popular area in Europe right now. But that's true in the US as well.

There is no political unrest at the moment, and even when there were large protests due to the economy several years ago, Americans were not the target of their anger.

There's no point in avoiding Athens, it's a wonderful city.

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We have been going to Greece every October for years and have never had any concerns with safety, let alone terrorism. The most you'll have to worry about is pick pocketers, bag snatchers and scammers, even that can easily be avoided by using common sense like you would anywhere.

No need to avoid Athens, it's one of the safest cities in the world. And just about any Greek Island will be even safer.

Common sense is your best weapon!

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As Lee said at first, please state your sources. Whenever a fear is introduced by "I have heard" ... I want to know what media -- often enterprises like dodgy websites or tabloids (print or online) like to grab eyeballs by starting totally unsubstantiated rumors. I have even had to put links to statistical websites that show that over the years, Greece has consistently showed lower crime rates than almost any other European countries. Since May, Great Britain has had FOUR major terrorist events ... but you almost never see worrywarts saying Is Britain safe? But somehow people put Greece in a different category... as if it's some 3rd world undeveloped nation (same attitude as the anxious inquiries about is it safe to drink water? Can I find a clean hotel in Athens). Sigh.

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No safety concerns. Possible pickpocket and scam-artist concerns, as in many other parts of Europe and other continents. (Americans seem to lack the motor skills and subtlety for successful pickpocketing and scamming.)

Greeks were the friendliest people we met in numerous travels -- hospitality is part of their culture. We could learn a thing or two from them.

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Where on earth did you hear that nonsense !?

Safe .

Safer than many places in your country and likely a few in my own .

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Ps many of the Greek island don't really open up till early May . So consider that in your dates .

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We are leaving for Greece 10/6 (first time) and all of these replies have certainly helped alleviate my fears. Thanks for posting everyone!