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RS Greece Tour in 2022 - Covid / Mask Policy

We are going on the Greece tour in Sept 2022. Of course, no one can say what the covid restrictions will be like then, but our concern is having to wear a mask outdoors during high activity situations (climbing stairs, lots of walking). We like breathing. Wondering what the current RS policy is on that tour and if anyone wants to take a guess on what it might be like by then. Thanks.

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I think RS policy is that all travelers must be vaccinated and willing to follow the covid safety protocols of any country or community you visit on the tour. Your real question should be, “Has Greece ever required masking during outdoor activities?”

My guess is that strenuous outdoor activities will probably not require masking, but should the Greek government require this, the tour will as well.

I would encourage you to try different types of masks to see if some are more comfortable for you than others. I live in an area with fairly strict protocols. Masks required in any indoor settings for all, including gyms. Many people, including myself, do complete workouts wearing masks so I know it isn’t impossible.

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Anyone's guess on this is going to be as good as their crystal ball, but outdoor mask wearing has, in the past, mostly been required in situations where social distancing is not possible. Like in a downtown pedestrian zone, or at a concert.

Other than that, Carol's reply is exactly what my thoughts are on this. The tour is going to have to comply with whatever rules are in effect in Greece at that time. I don't see how there would be a special "RS policy".

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Thanks to both. I agree with Carol, shouldn't have used the word "policy" as we have carefully read all the required documentation, and threw off the intent of the question. I think RS will be quite relieved though, to hear it's "not impossible" to do his tours with a mask ;-)

Anna, I read recently, I think it was on Greece's website, that you are correct that outdoor mask wearing is required where social distancing is not possible.

I think the reality is that covid as a pandemic is still with us and all travelers must be prepared for mask mandates in all situations, including bus travel (if required by Greece government) which in the case of this tour can be up to 5 hours on a stretch (not to mention 17 hours in planes and terminals, each way). We're patient people and may decide this is not the experience we want to have and may punt to better times. Happy traveling to all!

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Ron, remember that masks just cover nose & mouth ... your eyes are opened and free to take in and be thrilled by the beauties of Greece ... the sunset in Nafplio alone will reward and overcome any annoyance of masking ... and your brain & heart will be open to feelings and memories.

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I just wanted to tell you that we went to Italy this past August and wearing masks indoors and on public transportation did not detract at all from our experience. We had a wonderful time! We did not wear them outdoors except on ferries (because public transportation). We are now planning a trip to Greece next May.

We wear masks at home when in public indoors places, even though they are not required anymore. Besides the health protection aspect, I figure it keeps me in practice for flying to Greece!

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"including bus travel (if required by Greece government) which in the case of this tour can be up to 5 hours on a stretch"

On your RS tour you will not be on the bus for 5 hours straight. There will be at least one stop and perhaps 2 to break up the journey. Of all the tours I've been on I do not think I've ever been on the bus more than 2 hours at a time except in one instance. The one I'm thinking of was the GAS tour where the "regular" rest stop was not accessible due to road construction (could not get there from here) so the driver and guide had to punt. The driver said...everyone drinks coffee in Germany and we will find a local spot which he did.

I'll add that on my recent flight from Spokane WA to Paris I was masked for nearly 24 hours to no ill effect. Although people did not wear masks outside in Paris, I chose to continue with my N95 thru the whole trip - all day, every day, inside, outside. I have gone with the 3M Aura N95 which gives me a little more space but I still have to mouth breathe. It did not diminish my enjoyment of the trip at all.

It can be done but also it's your trip and you must do what will please yourself.