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RS Athens and the Heart of Greece question

We are packing for our 2nd RS tour (Greece!) and we fly out Saturday. The trip is June 22 thru July 12. It goes without saying that it will be HOT. I would prefer to keep it simple and just pack shorts/t-shirts/swimwear for us all. Could folks who have taken this tour weigh in: Are there any stops where shorts would not be appropriate (churches?). I can put in skirts for my daughter and me and slacks for my husband and son, but would rather not add the weight if we don't need them.


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Casual attire is not a problem for most anywhere in Greece, however shorts may be an issue for churches. We normally wear what we wear at home, jeans, short sleeve shirts and a good pair of walking shoes. You'll fit in quite well with most Greeks and tourists.

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That's an awesome tour! I don't recall visiting too many Churches on that tour, so shorts and casual attire should be fine. It would probably be a good idea to pack at least one pair of trousers or longer skirts for evening wear, and that way you'll be covered for all situations.

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We went last year and I only remember one small village church and a church on the rock in Momenvasia. Are your son and husband going to wear shorts on the plane? Any chance they would wear long pants on the plane so you would have them just in case?

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Definitely don't wear shorts into a church. It is VERY disrespectful.

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Thanks All! I will put Dockers in the suitcase for my boys and skirts in for my daughter and me.

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Hi Dawn,
As a Northern Californian, I am used to wearing skirts in HOT weather. They really do provide more cooling than shorts. Having said that, I'll only be bringing one skirt with me (I think), and my husband will use the pants he wears on the plane (I think they are Royal Robbins). Tough enough for traveling, cool enough for hot weather. Neither of us is taking jeans. The tour guide should be able to tell us the day before we go into the church so we can be appropriately dressed. We'll be causally dressed as well, wearing mostly shorts, and of course having swim wear! I'm ready to stop planning and start enjoying!!