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Roughly idea about cost of visiting in Athens


I'm wondering what everyone's experience has been regarding the cost of visiting? I'm coming from the US and was thinking about staying 8-10 days. My and my friends were thinking of flying into Athens and then visiting some of the islands for a two or three days at a time.
I understand that cost is relative and much of the experience will depend on how much money we're willing to spend. We're not looking to do this trip on a tight budget, but we're also not looking to spend loads of cash either, something in the middle.
Please let me know if you have any other tips or advice.

Thanks in Advance

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I don't know how prices have changes in the past two years but when I was there 3 years ago I did not notice a price difference wrt food between Greece and other countries Ive been to. If anything I'd say it was on the cheaper side. As for lodging, Greece was less than most places Ive traveled. However, this ended up coming out even for us as we found that many lodgings offer single beds rather than double or queen, so if you get one room with two beds, you really can only sleep 2 (for example), (compared to a US hotel, and elsewhere, where you could sleep 4 in two beds), so we ended up getting two rooms in most places throughout Greece for the 5 of us, which cost about as much as one room in other places. I will add that we are budget travelers, so our lodging and food choices skew toward the less expensive, and even with this, we have always stayed in lodging we love and we eat whatever we want - it just happens to be more casual fare than others may prefer. Id say it will be easy in Greece to do "something in the middle". (fwiw, we traveled throughout the Peloponnese, Crete, Santorini, and Naxos)

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Visiting Athens and visiting islands may be slightly different costs. Your two biggest costs will be airfare and lodging. Do a trial on Google Flights with your tentative dates to get an idea - but purchase with the airline direct at the bottom of the page (when you get are ready to buy and when you are ok with the price. For lodging, do some looking on with your dates to get an idea. You may be able to find an apartment that would work well and be less expensive.

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When you go makes a big difference. Also what islands.

Off season will find far less costs for accommodations even in Athens.

Prices are very reasonable. While I'm not cheap I am economical and look for accommodations that are clean, safe and centrally located. Why pay high prices for an over-the-top room when you'll be spending more time outside of it. Having said that I've gotten studios either on the water or with water views ranging from 25-35 euros ($28-$35). Bear in mind I'm a solo traveler so my price is lower than if you are a couple but you'll still pay far less than you would think.

Food costs at tavernas are very low. I usually pay anywhere from 9-13 ($10-$15) euros, usually at the lower end per meal including wine and these are full meals not a la carte.

A Gyro and Beer will be around 5 euros ($5.50) and shopping at local markets will find great prices on veggies, cheese, baked goods, etc.

I'm not a wine connoisseur but I always get the House Wine at tavernas or locals wines at markets even those sold in plastic bottles.

Travel to Greece is not as expensive as you think if you do your research and deal directly with accommodation owners and shop locally.

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Pagabit, you're asking for rather specific cost advice ... so it will help us if you are also specific. I'm an old journalist so I always ask for W's -- When, Where, What, etc.

WHEN: - u don't say. I hunted up your other post and it said "summer"... that's 3+ months. Taverna (restaurant) prices don't change w calendar, but room rates do... June higher than may, July-Aug-early Sept ar highest. It even helps if you can give the WEEK u have in mind, because some folks will helpfully do some rate-browsing in order to answer...

WHAT - i.e., What length? -- is it 8 or is it 10? And are u counting arrival day (u only can really do that if you land by mid-morning) or departure day (can 't really count at all). This affects costs - must u fly/ rent car. Also, what do you want to do? Just mainly enjoy beaches, or more? museums, ancient sites, hiking, water sports? Some r free, some cost €

WHERE - "some of the islands" could apply to over 75 options! Mykonos & Santorini are highest costs of all ... an unknown place like Kynthos might be a bargain, but does it attract you? Again I hunted your other post, and you mentioned Skiathos and Skopelos. These are not as often visited by R. Steves regulars... they're better known as Brit favorites... & they often attract "package-tour" bargain hunters from there, mainly going for sun & sea, not sites. The Trip Advisor forum for these islands contain many threads on specific costs, by budget-conscious UK travelers.

HOW? As in, How many? from "s" I'm guessing there are at least 3, but is it 4? 5? This will affect what rooms you can get -- in Greece you can't get those USA Quality-Court specials, where a "double" can be 2 queen beds in a room by the pool... in Greece triples r possible, more usually means several rooms. In Athens, fortunately, the booking dot com agency now not only offers hotels but also pvt apartments (with same guarantees & free-cancel provisions). Sometimes a group of friends can get an apt v. close to Acropolis for less than multiple rooms in nearby hotels. But this very much depends on DATES, another reason why specifics help us to help you.

More info, more help... and many of us do have specific cost tips; If u click our names, you'll see previous postings on everything about how to do D-I-Y sightseeing, best transport, dining etc.

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In October 2018, my whole 13 night trip to Greece cost me under $2,600 US dollars. That includes plane tickets, logging, food, museums, bus tickets, everything. The top reasons my trip costs so little are probably due to:
-staying at 2 hostels and 3 low-end hotels
-buying food from grocery stores instead of eating restaurant food
-I didn't even buy one souvenir
-I didn't rent a car

Minor reason:
-I don't use tobacco or alcohol, I don't consume coffee, tea, or other unnecessary substances I won't list.

What is the maximum amount you would allow yourself to spend on a restaurant meal? Multiply that by the number of restaurant meals you expect to eat. For example $20 us dollars x 3 x 10 = $600, $25 x 3 x 10 = $750. Its better to over-estimate than to under-estimate.