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Rick Steves iPhone App

I want to use Rick Steves app, I had done it in a previous trip but now I have questions.

In order to hear the tours do we need WiFi? I remember I had download a tour before but can’t figure it out.

I appreciate your help!


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I've used the app offline before, and just now accessed it to refresh my memory. Here's what to do:
While using wifi, open the app. You'll see choices for: find tours and interviews, my playlist, and more travel info.
1. Select the first option, "find tours..." and scroll down to the area of Europe you want a tour for. Example: Germany/Austria
2. a list of Germany/Austria tours will come up, example Vienna City walk. Touch that to read the brief description. If that's one you want,
3. touch the yellow "download" button. It will download and show "Listen" as a new, blue button. You can arrow out of this (top left corner of your phone) for now.
4. on the first screen of the app, under "my playlist", you will now see the tour listed.
You can listen to it from your playlist now. You do not need wifi and do not need to use cellular data unless you want to download another tour when you are off wifi.

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The tours need to be downloaded, but you can do it ahead of time, whenever you have Wi-Fi or service.

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Thank you so much! I didn’t realize that it had a playlist file! I’m ready now.